Verizon Credit Check Requirements: A Quick Summary

Submitting to a Verizon credit check is a must if you want to sign up for new wireless services with Verizon. Since Verizon is the largest mobile phone company in the United States, it is not quite surprising that they run credit checks. They run credit checks for customers who want to sign up for traditional post-paid service. Let’s learn how Verizon plan works first. By learning more about the Verizon plan, you will also understand other aspects such as fee and credit requirements.

Verizon Credit Check and How Verizon Plan Works 

Before going into the nitty gritty of Verizon credit check requirements, let’s check some basic things that you need to know about the Verizon plan.

  1. All plans include unlimited text and talk
  2. $0 down on a smartphone, but this option is only available for eligible customers. The decision is made based on a credit check.
  3. No activation or upgrade fees
  4. There are two choices available as customers can pay in 24 monthly installments or they can also pay the full retail price of their phone
  5. Remember that new customers need to pay an access fee for each device
  6. Customers only need to select the amount of data that they need each month

Some Options Available when Buying Your Phone

For customers who have decided to sign up with Verizon then there are two options available when buying their phone. The first option is that they can buy the phone in 24 monthly installments. The second option is that they can pay the entire cost of their phone immediately.

It doesn’t matter what your choice is, but you must know that your 2-year cost of ownership will be the same. However, if you pay your phone in 24 monthly installments, then you must choose a 2-year contract with Verizon. Another thing that you must know is that the monthly payments will depend on the cost of the phone that you buy. The good news is that there is no activation or upgrade fee.

How to Upgrade Your Verizon Phone

When upgrading your phone, there are two options which will be given to you. Make sure that you choose the right option that fits your needs so that you can save more money. So what are those options?

The first option allows you to upgrade your phone once you have partial payments under your installment plan. The first option is the most expensive choice that you can make especially when compared to options offered by other major carriers. There are other major carriers that give their customers a discount, but you won’t get this one if you choose Verizon.

Your next choice is to pay the full price of the phone up front. All you need to do is to resell your old phone so that you can buy a new phone.

Verizon Wireless Data Plans at A Glance

Now let’s explore their wireless data plans. As mentioned before all Verizon data plans come with unlimited text and data. Since Verizon doesn’t suggest the size of the data that you can use, you need to decide it yourself. Just choose the best data plan that can accommodate your needs. There are four options that you can consider where you can select S (1GB/$30), M (3GB/$45), L (6GB/$60), and XL (12GB/$80). There is also a monthly access fee that you need to pay for each connected device.

Verizon Planns and Verizon Credit Check Requirements

Pay More Attention to the Monthly Access Fees

Make sure you check their monthly access fees., as you may already know that you need to pay a monthly access fee for each connected device. Let’s review the current pricing for monthly access charges.

  1. $10 per hotspot or tablet
  2. $20 per smartphone
  3. $5 for all other connected devices that you have
  4. Don’t forget that you must pay at least $20 for the first phone on the plan.

Other Wireless Data Plans offered by Verizon

For customers looking for more data, then Verizon also offers other data plans. There are XXL data plans available if you need more data than a regular one. Some XXL data plans that you can choose include 20GB ($120/month), 25GB ($175/month), and 40GB ($300/month). For each plan that you choose, it will also come with 5GB of cloud storage. Of course, if you need more than you can upgrade it at any time.

What are Verizon Credit Check Requirements?

Verizon tends to have strict credit check requirements. Verizon will perform credit checks so that they can check the level of debt that you are managing.

They will check your payment history, the limits on your account and they will also check whether you have collection accounts. All of these factors will be used to decide whether you can sign up for their wireless service. If your credit score is higher than 650, then there is no need to worry. However, if your credit score is lower than 650, then it is not easy to sign up for their wireless service. In most cases, you need to pay a hefty deposit if your credit score is lower than 650.

If you have bad credit, then there is another option that you can choose. Simply choose prepaid plans. It is an option that you can consider if you have bad credit or you are looking for cheaper plans.

Pros and Cons of Verizon Data Plans

The following are some pros and cons that you need to know if you choose the new Verizon data plans.


  1. Customers are allowed to resell their phone after 24 months
  2. Verizon is the largest mobile phone company in the U.S
  3. It has straightforward pricing


  1. Their data plans are quite expensive
  2. Remember that the early upgrade option is costly

The Bottom Line

We hope that our information provided here can help you learn more about Verizon. Once you have learned about Verizon credit check requirements, you can decide which data plan that you want to choose.

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