Section 609 Credit Repair Overview : Does it Really Work?

There’s nothing worse than doing almost everything right with your finances – getting your hands on credit, making your payments on time, and keeping your balance is reasonable – only to be punished severely for a handful of missteps or mistakes you may have made along the way.

Credit scores are such a big part of adult life in our modern world, and if you are working with anything less than a picture-perfect credit score you’re going to end up spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars more than folks that simply went blemish free with their credit ever since they got there first credit line extended to them.

Thankfully though, there is a way to effectively fight back against these kinds of credit blemishes that can devastate your score.

Because it’s not at all impossible (or infrequent) for a credit score to drop by 50 points or more just because of one late payment – not even a missed payment, but a late payment – it’s time that you learned about this “nuclear option” and began to put it into play to clean up your credit score almost overnight and get yourself the kind of picture-perfect credit you deserve.



What is Section 609 Repair, anyway?

If you have spent any time at all looking into how to repair and rebuild your credit, the odds are VERY good that you’ve come across more than a few people talking about the “loopholes to raise credit scores” like Section 609.

People like to talk about Section 609 credit repair as though it is some kind of insider secret, a tip or trick that if you talk too much about will lose its effectiveness, and the kind of “nuclear option” that essentially and fundamentally reset your credit once and for all – even if you have accidentally (or not so accidentally, as the case may be) driven your credit right off a cliff!

Well, Section 609 refers to a section of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a set of laws that were passed in the early 1970s that essentially created the modern credit system as it exists today.

Understanding how important credit records were going to be in the future, the legislators that worked to create this system recognized that numerous credit bureaus were going to have to be enacted to keep track of this important and sensitive data – and that there must be rules and regulations that govern how they used, collated, and shared that information as well as a pathway for individuals to dispute inaccuracies such as  charge off from your credit report falsely reported by your credit bureau.

According to Section 609, in order to report ANYTHING negative about your credit score, these three major credit bureaus MUST be able to provide a specific amount of original documentations that conclusively prove that you are worthy of those negative marks.

If the credit bureau is unable to provide these original documents, they MUST legally delete the negative marks from your credit score immediately.


Section 609 Credit Repair


How can I use Section 609 to clear out my credit?

The beautiful thing about Section 609 credit repair is that it makes no difference whatsoever whether or not you are actually responsible for those negative marks in blemishes on your credit.

While it’s always a good idea to do the very best you can to maintain the kind of financial stability and independence you need to function successfully as an adult in today’s modern world, bumps in the road are inevitably going to happen and you want to make sure that they don’t derail your plans for the future.

Section 609 credit repair is possible by essentially filing a report with all three of the major credit bureaus out there disputing the fact that these negative marks belong to you. This puts the onus on each individual credit bureau to prove, with original documentation, that you are responsible for those negative marks – and if they are unable to produce that original documentation they are legally bound to remove these details completely.

This is what makes the loopholes to raise credit scores with Section 609 so effective. By using a Section 609 FRA letter (essentially a form letter cooked up by a lawyer or by yourself ) and sent to the major bureaus you will be able to enjoy dramatically improved credit scores just as soon as those negative marks are kicked off of your record.

Section 609 credit repair letters that work can be found all over the web for free , though you can also have an attorney in your local community draw up letters for you – and they may prove to be even more effective. You may want to visit a FICO forum thread here where members there discussed credit dispute letters that work for them.

Again, it matters not if you are actually responsible for the negative marks on your credit history. You may have caused those blemishes through your own decisions, but if the credit bureaus cannot conclusively prove with original documentation that the debt is owned by you, these marks will be removed and your credit will be reset.

You’ll want to be smart, strategic, and savvy about how you use Section 609 credit repair approaches, but they can be advantageous if you’re looking to recover from a handful of missteps and mistakes you’ve made in the past as far as your credit is concerned.


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