Rooms To Go Credit Card: Credit Score Requirements and Quick Reviews

Rooms to Go is a home furnishing store chains based Seffner, Florida selling furniture and home improvement accessories. The company operates more than 200 stores in the US. According to Furniture today currently the company ranks the third largest furniture retailer in the US. Besides providing the conventional payment method at their online and offline store, Rooms to Go offers credit cards to customers who want to make payment on credit in collaboration with Synchrony Bank. In this post I will explain the minimum credit score requirements to get a Rooms to Go credit card and brief reviews I hope you will find useful before considering applying for the card.


Rooms To Go Credit Score Requirements

Rooms to Go has not been straightforward with applicants about what credit score applicants need to have to qualify for the card. Based on my research and forum posts I read on several credit boards, it is safe to assume that the minimum credit score requirements for a Rooms to Go credit card are scores in the low 600 points, good news for individuals who don’t have excellent FICO scores. Make sure you check your credit reports or try improving your credit score before applying for the card to avoid getting denied.

If your credit score doesn’t fall within the above range, you may want to consider applying for credit cards for those with bad credit scores such as Fingerhut credit card. Those with bad/fair credit scores use such a card improve their credit ratings without having to go to a credit repair company.


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Depending on your credit rating, once your application gets approved, you will get an initial credit limit in the tunes of  $1.500, $ 20.000, $35.000 or more. If you find the limit too low, don’t worry you can request a credit limit increase if your credit score crosses the 700-point mark. Some folks reported getting their credit limit increased from the $1.500 to $50.000 then to $80.000 within months after their credit score get pass 700 points. Another key to getting to a substantial CLI lies in your payment/ credit history and the debt-to-income ratio (DBI). DBI is calculated from your monthly payments on your loans such as personal loan, student loans, auto loan and another type of credit against your gross income.

Once you get approved for the card, you need to make regular purchases at the Room to Go Store and pay them before the due dates. Make sure you don’t pay late because they charge a high fee for late payments.

How to Apply ?

You can apply for the R2G credit card by applying online at the Synchrony bank website (You will find the application link at last section of this article) or applying at R2G store when making offline purchases.  To apply online, you need to enter your complete name, a valid Social Security Number, and verifiable address. Expect a hard inquiry from the bank within days of your application. Synchrony pulls credit reports from TransUnion or Experian and uses the same credit bureaus when reviewing requests for a credit limit increase.


Room To Go Credit Card: Credit Score Requirements

How to Get a Credit Limit increase?

The Rooms to Go credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank, known among credit card holders as one of the most generous banks when coming to give their customer a credit limit increase. You can get a limit increase within months after account opening and use your credit card to purchase items at their stores. You may request a CLI when making purchases at their offline store or apply for the CLI online.  Synchrony uses a soft inquiry (soft pull)  when reviewing your request for the limit increase. The Pros and Cons


Rooms to Go Credit Card Quick Reviews

Pros :

  1. Hassle-free, and pretty easy to get approved, one who doesn’t  have  excellent credit scores can apply.
  2. Easy to get a credit limit increase.
  3. There is no annual fee.
  4. No interest rates for purchases totaling  $599 or more until 2023 (the offer is valid until July 5, 2018)


  1. Room to Go requires that you put down 10% of your purchase, sales tax, and delivery when making purchases at their stores.
  2. The  annual percentage rate (APR) is current at 29.99%, too steep for those who don’t make major purchases in installments.
  3. It does not offer balance transfer from another credit card, a feature commonly found in high tier credit cards.

Rooms to Go Application Link :


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