NewEgg Credit Card Quick Reviews

NewEgg Credit Card Review : If you find yourself regularly shopping for computer parts, electronics, accessories, and other gizmos and gadgets on the NewEgg website, the odds are pretty good that you’ve at least considered getting your hands on the NewEgg credit card.

Giving you the opportunity to purchase products from the NewEgg website (as well as from the NewEgg catalog), you’ll only ever be able to use the NewEgg card actually WITH NewEgg – but the benefits that you will be able to enjoy with this card in your wallet usually make it worthwhile.

The rest of this NewEgg credit card review will highlight those benefits so that you know exactly what you are getting into when you go through its  application process!


NewEgg Credit Card  APR

Before you look into the NewEgg credit card requirements or the NewEgg Credit Card Reviews credit card score needed to land this store credit card in the first place, it’s important that you understand exactly what you’re going to be looking at paying as far as APR interest rates are concerned.

New cardholders are going to be able to enjoy a zero APR on this NewEgg credit card for a full 12 months as long as the purchases put on this card are completely paid off within that block of time. You can certainly make minimum payments throughout that first year of holding the card without taking on any interest, but you have to make sure to clear the balance on those purchases before your 12 months are up – or you’ll start paying a pretty high APR for the privilege of using your NewEgg credit card.

As of right now, the current APR for this card sits at just about 26%. That is the highest of all the store credit cards we have seen in the past, but it’s pretty high and you definitely don’t want to carry a balance with that kind of APR kicking around for too long!


The biggest advantage of using the NewEgg card  the 12 full months of interest-free purchases you can make at their site.

You can make the NewEgg credit card minimum payment throughout those 12 months as we highlighted above so long as you pay off your balance before the year is up. This is a great way to get your hands on new computer parts, new computers, TVs, cameras, or other electronic gadgets and gizmos while spreading the payments for those electronics over a full without paying interest along the way.

Final Verdict

Those wondering “does NewEgg offer financing?” are going to be very happy to learn that they can get their hands on this credit card with a credit score of just 658 or so. That isn’t a sky-high credit score by any stretch of the imagination (though it is a bit above “fair” or “average”), putting it well within reach of most people.

This is the kind of credit card that you’ll likely be using to finance big-ticket purchases of computers or computer parts, the kinds of purchases that you’d like to stretch out rather than have to drop a few thousand dollars on a single order right out of the gate.

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