Guitar Center Credit Card: Minimum Credit Score Required, Promotional Financing Offers and More

Guitar Center credit card (its official name is Gear Card), is a store credit card issued by Guitar Center, US largest musical instrument retailer with over 200 stores across the US. The company sells electric guitars, live sound, keyboard and other musical instruments. Like Rooms to Go credit card, the card is issued by Synchrony Bank and can only be used to purchase items sold by Guitar Center. In this post I make a summary of its financing offers, minimum credit score required and pretty much everything to you need to know about it.

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Guitar Center Credit Score Requirements

To qualify for the card you need to have a fair credit score, the minimum credit score required to get Guitar Center credit card is  620 points. Before trying to apply for the card make sure you check your credit reports and your rating falls within the minimum score ranges. You can get your free credit report from the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion or Experian. To get one, you don’t have to establish credit first as long as you can meet the above minimum credit score.

Given the above requirement, the Guitar card does not fit into the credit cards for bad credit category.

Guitar Center Financing Offer Highlights…….

Intro APR and Annual Fee

Guitar center credit card has no annual fee and currently offers 0% intro APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on several promotional financing options with a 48-month period for select products with certain minimum purchases depending on the brand. You need to make on-time payments otherwise you will incur a hefty late payment fee. The regular APR after the intro APR expires is 29.9%, which is much steeper than regular bank credit cards rates.

There is no additional fee if you make payment in full within the promotional period.

The Promotional Financing at  a Glance :

Here is the summary of Guitar Center credit card promotional financing :

  1. 48-month, 0% interest financing for select brands purchases totaling $499 or more (there are around 101 brands, including big household names such as Pioneer ) with equal monthly payment required.
  2. 48-month, 0% interest financing on Fender Custom Shop purchases totaling $2999 or more with equal monthly payment required.
  3. 48-month, 0% interest financing for Taylor brand purchases totaling $1499.
  4. You will not incur interest you make payment in full within six months on all purchases and within twelve months on select brand purchases.

See the below table below for details:

Guitar Center Promotional Financing TableRewards Program

Guitar Center currently offers the so-called Gear Card Rewards Program where you will earn 5 points for each $1 spent on items you purchase on their online store. After you accumulate 1000 points you can redeem them to get $10 in rewards in the form of “reward certificate,” you can get up to max $100 in point rewards. The certificate has an expiration of 90 days during which you can spend the points to purchase any items (not only on select brands). The point will be given to you at the time of the billing circle and will remain on your monthly statement for three billing cycles (90 days). You can use the certificates for yourself or give them to others. To redeem the points you will need to visit the nearest Guitar Center store or call their customer service at the following number: 1-866-498-7882

Pros and Cons


No Annual Fee. You will not need to pay a recurring annual fee.

Long promotional offers: You can get 48-month financing for select items with no-interest and equal monthly payments.


There is no initial bonus: No initial reward will be given to new cardholders.  On the contrary, those who make major purchases on musical instruments on a regular basis will find the financing offers attractive.

Steep interest rates: Currently their regular rate is 29.99%

No balance transfer option available.

How to Apply ?

You can apply for the Guitar Center Gear Card in their store or apply online on Synchrony Bank click here to apply

How to Login?

You can make payments on your bills, check your balance, update account information by login to the Syncrony Bank link here  and click on the “Access my Gear Card” menu.

guitar center credit card login


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