Fix Your Account is Currently Restricted Ref. No. 10016.8040 Message

Many people (particularly those with good/excellent credit scores) seek to get their hands on Capital One credit card as they offer excellent rewards, interest, and numerous incentives. However, some people will run into issues when registering and trying using their card for the first time. They have restrictions put in place and by Capital One fraud detection.  The problem often leads many to assume that they have fallen victim to identity hack or credit card fraud while in fact, in many cases they haven’t.

If you belong to one of them, you do not have to worry really about anything as this is nothing more than a security feature that Capital One uses to prevent suspected fraud, unauthorized transactions and any other possible security issues that could happen. As you continue reading this article, we will show you how to deal with your Capital One account restrictions and how to deal with this problem fast.

What Causes The Error?

This is typically the problem some people encounter:  while they log in to their Capital One account and they get the following message   “This account is currently restricted (ref number 10016.8040).

The error message mainly occurs when you try to log in into your Capital one account or make online transactions while you have not got the card activated or your card is still on the way to your home or office. You should not have tried to use your Capital One card before you receive it because you need to activate the card first. You cannot activate it until you physically have it in your hands. If you try to activate your card before it arrives in the mail, chances are Capital One has frozen your account for security reasons. The delivery usually will take a week or longer depending on many circumstances.

You have been using your credit card online with your account from different devices or IP Addresses. If you log into your account from different phones or computers, Capital One systems may set off the security flags.


New Capital One Credit Card Restricted (Ref. No. 10016.8040)


How To Fix Capital One Account Restriction Problem?

Try to reactivate the card once it arrives in your mailbox. If your card is still restricted after you have activated it, then you need to contact Capital One customer care phone number and ask them for help. The error will usually be sorted out just by calling the Capital One ref. Here is their personal card customer service number: 1-804-934-2001

As many forum members reported,  the “Your Account is Currently Restricted Ref. No. 10016.8040” error message was gone almost immediately after calling the Capital One customer service.  If you encounter the same problem you can just give it a try and let us hear from you if you have sorted it out.


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