Everything You Need To Know About Net First Platinum Card

If you have never heard about this card, then you have come to the right place. It is actually a store and catalog membership card where you can use your credit account so that you can shop at their online stores.

The most interesting fact is that the Net First Platinum is actually run by Horizon Gold. What does it mean? It means that you can shop online at their online stores by visiting thehorizonoutlet.com. Another cool thing is that their store won’t perform any credit checks. If the information is correct, then we are sure that you won’t find any difficulties. In addition, buyers will be given a $500 unsecured line of credit.


About Net First Platinum Card


Learn More about Its Minimum Credit Score

You may wonder whether your credit score will be checked or not. Fortunately, the Net First Platinum card doesn’t include this factor on their list. In fact, there is no minimum credit score. Thus, customers can be approved with no credit card or bad credit card. There is no credit card check required when signing up.

Should You Choose the Net First Platinum Card?

There are some factors that you must consider first when choosing a credit card. The first thing that you should do is to check their interest rates and fees. Most card companies don’t list their fees on their website. If you check the Net First Platinum card, you may encounter the same issue. The best way is to check their terms and conditions so that you can see whether it charges monthly or not. Don’t forget to check their processing fees for each transaction that you have made.

Net First Platinum is not a Credit Card

Remember that the Net First Platinum is not a credit card. Instead, it is a line of credit for the Horizon outlet website. Another thing that you must know is that you can only use this card online when you shop at the Horizon outlet.

Learn Some Benefits of Using the Net First Platinum Card

It is a card which is specifically designed for those who have a poor credit history. It has lots of benefits which make it one of the best cards for those who want to shop online. To help you learn more about this card, check some benefits that we have listed below.

  • The application is simple and quick.
  • For those who are feeling trapped by their credit score, then there is no better option than choosing the Net First Platinum card.
  • It doesn’t require an employment check.
  • Those who want to apply are 100% guaranteed approval.
  • Once your application has been approved, you can also qualify for a maximum unsecured $500 credit limit.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Net First Platinum

While this card has lots of benefits, it is important that you check other factors too. It is true that the card is designed for people with poor credit. But you must know that there are some drawbacks too. Learning its drawbacks will help you decide whether choosing this card is a good choice or not. Check some drawbacks listed here.

  • The card can only be used to purchase stuff s at  the Horizon outlet website only.
  • For those who are not a member of the Horizon outlet, then it is impossible to explore the merchandise. Due to this reason, you have no idea whether the card would be useful or not. There are lots of customers who miss this fact as it is not clearly advertised.
  • There is a $19.95 monthly fee which will be credited automatically once your application has been approved. You can expect to pay up to $250 per year in order to pay the fees, which is much steeper especially when compared to other credit cards. Another important thing to consider is that you can expect other fees with each item that you want to buy.
  • As we have said earlier that the Net First Platinum card is not a credit card. It also means that the card is not affiliated with any credit service organizations, insurance, or even banking organizations. You can also say that it is not a debit card, VISA, or Mastercard.

After knowing all of these drawbacks, you can ask yourself whether you should use this card or not. If you have some items that you must buy through the Horizon outlet, then using this card is a good choice. But if you are looking for a card that can be used in other stores, then you must choose other cards.

How to Apply for a Card

If you have decided that you want to apply for a Net First Platinum card, then we have some tips for you. The card application is simple and quick. Your first step is to visit their website, Netfirstplatinum.com. Don’t forget to fill in your zip code and email address. After that, you can continue to the activation page.

Make sure that you read their terms and conditions first. It will help you to get some important information that you may miss. If your account has been activated, then you will receive your card within two weeks or less. If you have received the card, now you can buy some items on the Horizon outlet store. Remember that you will be charged with processing fees too. There are some payment options available. For example, you can choose to pay it off each month or you can also pay for your purchases over time. Simply pick the best option that fits your needs.


Overall, the Net First Platinum card offers a great solution for those who want to shop at the Horizon outlet store.

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