Collection Shield 360: Is it a Legit Credit Repair Company?

With your FICO score being such a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to modern finances, you need to make sure that you protect your credit history, your credit reputation, and your ability to utilize credit moving forward. As we all know, having an error collection on your credit report is an obstacle to improving your credit score and is a surefire receipt to ruin your financial standing. One solution you can look into to deal with this problem (besides correcting the error yourself if possible) is taking advantage of services from a credit repair company. One such organization is Collection Shield 360, a hitherto-unknown name to many including us until we bumped on their website. In this post, I will do a quick summary and a brief review of what Collection 360 does based on our in-depth research and interviews with individuals who have leveraged their service.

Dealing With a Collection Agency is a Real Pain

We miss a couple of payments and all of a sudden a debt collector is set on us like a bloodhound chasing down soup bone. Once and immediately after you receive collection letters, they don’t stop calling you all day and all night, and won’t stop harassing you want to you eventually listen to what they have to say. The abuses sometimes turn out to be more than a bit of verbal abuse and bullying to get you to extract the cash that you didn’t have in the first place. These kinds of debt collectors don’t mind levying big-time threats against you and your credit history. They threaten to ruin your credit once and for all, guarantee that they will take your credit score entirely and that they will put as many obstacles in your way as possible to prevent you from ever being able to dig yourself out of this hole.

What Does Collection Shield 360 Do?

Based on our research on their website and forum posts, here are what they mainly do:

  1. Collection Shield is a credit repair organization that strives to help people dealing with a collection agency that violates the prevailing laws.
  2. On top of that, they help clean your credit reports if there are erroneous marks mistakenly reported by credit bureaus.
  3. They offer a buffer zone against abuses by collection agencies.

They Offer the Service Free Of Charge

Most of the people that have taken advantage of the Collection Shield 360 services report that the Collection Shield 360 cost of doing business with them was free of charge. Some individuals were able to remove paid collections from their credit report within 30 -50 days. The free service, of course, raises an eyebrow and lead many to question where the company gets the revenues to cover their operational costs, after all, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

A creditboard forum user here theorized the company was established at an initial loss by someone with big pockets, searching for evidence that will support a class action lawsuit. Another user was of the opinion the company got their money from legal fees and statutory damages.

No matter what their intentions are, it won’t hurt to give their service a try, after all, you don’t need to throw money into their service. As you might know, a credit repair company like Lexington Law charges you a monthly fee for such services which typically include credit monitoring service. A law firm usually charges fees that range from $59-99.5 per month to get your credit report clean

Here Is a Run Down Of What Collection Shield 360 Does

They utilize proprietary credit repair and restoration techniques, tactics, and secrets that they have worked to pioneer, you will be able to use everything that the folks at Collection Shield 360 bring to the table as part of your membership to get your credit turned around.

We are talking about credit restoration techniques and tactics like:

  • Contacting debt collectors and getting them to stop communicating with you for attempting to hassle you
  • Providing you with debt collection removal letters/dispute letters that can scrub your credit report clean
  • Contact credit reporting agencies directly to have negative marks on your credit removed.

How to Sign Up With Them?

You can become a member by applying online on their site. You will need to fill in all the necessary forms, including a valid email, a verifiable address, and other supporting data.


Collection Shield 360 Review


Highlighting The Pros And Cons Of Using This Service

Right out of the gate, this free service has a lot of advantages that you have to be at least a little bit crazy not to leverage in your quest to repair your credit.


  1. Debt collectors will be contacted to cease reaching out to you immediately
  2. Debt collection removal letters are drawn up by lawyers and work
  3. Multiple resources are provided to Collection Shield members to go after debt collectors themselves
  4. The entire service is 100% free of charge!, they don’t seem to offer a premium monthly plan

There are a couple of drawbacks to using this particular service, however. They aren’t deal breakers or game changers in any sense of the word, but it’s essential you understand what you’re getting into going forward!


  1. Some folks reportit can take 50 days to see ANY improvement on your credit score
  2. You may have to utilize the stock resources from Collection Shield to get the ball rolling if you want to speed things up
  3. You’ll still have to actively monitor your credit score with all of three major credit bureaus to track progress
  4. Some folks reported their collection accounts came back as negative after using their service.
  5. They don’t disclose their exact location where you can deal with them directly

How Long Does it  Take to See Results?

It’s impossible to tell you exactly how quickly you’re going to be able to see tangible results from the efforts put in by the folks at Collection 360. However, from our investigation, we can tell you that you will be able to have your credit not only repaired but improved a lot faster than you ever would have thought possible before.

Some people that have leveraged this service have reported their credit being repaired almost in just 90 days, and many have gone on to say that their credit score increased by 10-50 points in only 12 months of working with this organization.

In Summary

Based on research and investigation Collection Shield 360 is a legit credit repair company, which, as of this writing offers their service for free.

Despite their clean reports, free service and fair reviews from some users, you need to do your own due diligence before using Collection Shield 360 services.   The key to anticipating the unwanted consequences from using a credit repair company is knowing your rights under Credit Repair Organizations Act, which was enacted to protect consumers from deceptive/ misleading practices by credit repair companies.

The following are  Collection Shield 360 phone and email :

Collection Shield 360 phone and email

Phone  (888) 279-6331
Mon-Fri: 9 a.m – 6 p.m ET

website :

Customer Service: (646) 977-7900
Fax: (646) 977-7990

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