Citi Credit Limit Increase; How to Tell if Get a Hard Or Soft Pull

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In the past requesting for a Citibank credit card  limit increases can be confusing ,  you may  a soft pull and or a hard pull. While the majority of card issuers will inform you what kind of pull you will have,  Citibank has in the past  not been straightforward with their cardholders.  Since about four years ago  Citi has been allowing their credit card holders  if they will be doing a soft or hard pull when they request a credit limit increase. As in the case with  American Express credit limit increase , the easiest way to request for a CLI is to apply online and by doing so you will  tell if you will get a hard or soft pull. To apply for a CLI online you can visit this link and login to the site by entering your username and password. For a quick  navigation, after entering your login detail you may chose the menu “Credit Limit Increase” from the dropdown menu containing the “Take me to”  menu under the “Forgot your User ID or Password?” password recovery link.





When You Get Citi Credit Limit Increase Hard Pull

You just need to login to the above link  and fill out the necessary form for a CLI, if you’re confronted with the following message ” By Clicking continue you understand that we will obtain a credit bureau report to evaluate your request. Our credit department will notify you of our decision or let you know if we need more information” then you will get a hard pull.


Citi Credit Limit Increase: hard pull

That is the information their website will show you if  Citi will do a hard pull. A you can see from the above image  they will get a credit bureau report to process your CLI request. The process will take up to twenty four hours and they will use Experian as their credit bureau to assess your eligibility.

The following are the required information you need to provide for a hard pull CLI:
• Yearly wages and salary
• Other yearly income
• Monthly rental or mortgage income
• Total requested credit limit

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Citi CLI Soft Pull

On the other hand ,  you will be getting a soft pull if you get the following message when applying an online CLI ” It is easy to know if you are eligible for a credit limit increase. A credit bureau will not be necessary and you will get an immediate decision”

Bellow is the message you will get in Citibank website if they will be doing  a soft pull :


Citi credit limit increase Soft Pull


As you can see there is no information they will use a credit bureau  to process your request , if this is the case, you will get an immediate decision.
The following are the required information to be filled for soft Pull
• Yearly wages and salary
• Other yearly income
• Monthly rental or mortgage income limits

Note :

If you are eligible for a soft pull credit limit increase, you will not be able to apply for a new credit increase over the next six months since  your CLI request , therefore you need to wait for six months before you apply for another Citi credit limit increase.


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