Chase Premier Plus Checking Account $300 Bonus: a Quick Summary

Since a while ago Chase has been offering direct deposit bonus worth $300  to new clients who open a Chase Premier Plus Checking account. The membership reward works much like Chase Total Checking which offers a $200 bonus and Chase Savings Account which offers a $150 bonus. Anyway, just in case you’re curious, you cannot get other rewards such as hotel points since such points are only available for individuals who have Chase credit cards like Chase Sapphire.


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The offer is not available to existing Chase Premier Plus Checking clients and is subject to terms and conditions which I will explain later in details. This article is a quick summary of the requirements for the promos along with other relevant information, crafted for those who look for a quick glance of the $300 Chase Premiere Plus Checking Bonus. The offer, as of this writing,  is valid until June 17, 2018, so that you need to be in a hurry before the $300 bonus expires.

What is the Plus System anyway?

The Plus System  ( also known as  Visa Plus or simply Plus) is a subsidiary of Visa; the company is an inter-bank ATM network headquartered in Denver providing cash to Visa cardholders.  What the Plus does is connects all Visa credit cards, prepaid, debit cards and  ATM cards issued by various banks worldwide (including Chase)  that has the Visa logo.

Who are not Eligible?

The offer is not available to existing Chase Premier Plus Checking clients (Those who have Total Checking and Chase Savings and want to upgrade their online saving accounts may apply), individuals who have a negative balance, and clients who have closed their accounts within 90 business days of the account opening.

How to Open a Chase Premier Plus Checking

First of all, you need to get a coupon before opening an account. You can get the coupon by visiting the application link (You can find the link at the end of this article).

Apply Online: You can open the account online (the coupon will automatically be applied) or enter your email address to get the coupon sent to your email. When applying for the account online make sure you provide accurate information such as active email and verifiable address.

Open a Chase Premier Plus Checking


Once you register your email for the coupon code you’ll we prompted with the following message.



Offline Account Opening: Print the coupon and then go to the nearest Chase branch and show it to Chase customer officers when opening your account offline. Make sure to check the Spam/ Junk Folder when checking coupon in your email.

How to Get The  Chase Premier Plus Checking $300 Bonus?

  1. Make direct deposit within sixty business days after the account opening.
  2. You need to set up the direct electronic deposit from paycheck, pensions or government benefits, whichever is applicable.
  3. Within ten days after the account opening, Chase will add the $300 bonus to your account.
  4. You need to keep the account open for at least six months; if you close your account, Chase will cancel and deduct the bonus from your account.

How to get your monthly fee waived from your Premier Plus Checking account?

Chase charges a $25 monthly fee on the Premiere Plus Checking account. To get the most of your account, you need to get the monthly service fee waived by keeping an average beginning day balance of $15,000.


You can also waive the fee if you have a linked qualifying Chase first mortgage set up in automatic payments from the Chase account before the end of the statement period. The electronic payment means you authorize Chase to deduct payment from your paycheck/ salary or government benefits automatically. On a side note, clients who set up the mortgage payment using Online Bill Payment does not qualify for the reward.

What Are Other Benefits Of The A Chase Premier Plus Checking

  1. You will not be charged for the first four transactions done via non-Chase ATMs
  2. If you have valuables such as jewelry and want to keep it in a safe location, you can rent a safe deposit box at Chase free of charge; the service is subject to availability though.
  3. You will earn interest on your checking account balance, current the annual percentage yield is hovering at around 0.01%.

Other Promos/ Bonuses Offered By Chase

You can get a $250 bonus if you open a new Total Checking account or a $150 bonus from a Chase Savings account. Chase applies more or less the same terms and conditions for new clients who open these accounts. You can either open an account online or do it offline in Chase Branches.

Chase Total Checking Account $250 Bonus at a glance :

  1. Only available for new Chase Total Checking customers
  2. Minimum deposit: $25
  3. Monthly service fee: $12
  4. To receive the $250 bonus you should :
  5. Deposit $25 or more into your account
  6. Make electronic deposit/ automatic deduction from your salary, pensions or government benefits within 60 days of account opening.
  7. The bonus will be credited to your account within ten days.

To waive the monthly fee you MUST  :

  1. Make monthly direct deposit totaling $500 or more OR
  2. Have a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more   OR
  3. Have a minimum daily balance of $5,000 in your linked qualifying Chase checking, savings, and other balances.

Chase Savings Account $150 Bonus at a glance :

Highlights of the promo:

  1. Only available for new Chase Savings customers
  2. Minimum deposit: $25
  3. Monthly fee: $5
  4. To receive the $150 bonus you MUST :
  5. Deposit $10.000 or more into the account within ten days of  account opening
  6. Keep an average beginning day $90.000 or more for six months. If you comply with the requirement, Chase will add $150 bonus to your account within ten business days.

To get the monthly fee waived from your savings account you MUST:

  1. Keep a minimum daily balance of $300 OR
  2. Be younger than 18 years old OR
  3. Make at least one repeating automatic electronic deposit totaling $25 or more from your Chase personal checking account. The deposit should be done electronically via Chase online banking.
  4. Have linked accounts from other Chase savings and other balances such as Premier Plus and Platinum Accounts  ( Chase does not provide detailed information on the minimum amount you need to have in the linked accounts).

You can get a total of $350 if you open BOTH accounts.

chase $350 bonus offer

Chase Total Business Checking Account $500 Promo Program

A Couple of months ago Chase still offered a $500 bonus for new clients who open a Business Checking Account. To be eligible for the promotion to need to deposit at least $500 into the account and maintain that balance for 60 days. Chase has apparently ceased the promo as I could not find any link to the program.

Mobile Apps

Chase makes available mobile online app for Android and iOS users with which you can deposit through the app with some limitations.

To Wrap Things Up:

Getting a $300 bonus from Chase Premiere Plus Account comes with a caveat, you need to deposit $150.000 or more into your account and maintain at least $90.000 in your balance for six months.

Here are the application links to get the coupons :

  1. Premier Plus Account Checking coupon
  2. Total Checking and Chase Savings coupon

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